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Our Program

MHA is the acronym used by the VA to define the housing stipend of certain educational benefits that veterans earn during their time in service. Some of those service members are able to transfer their benefits to a spouse or a legal dependent. The Gap Initiative is here for all of them!

By building strategic partnerships with businesses, colleges, and universities, the Gap Initiative connects military-affiliated students to paid work when theyr'e between classes and their MHA stipend stops.

And our partners really get it, too! Over 90% of our volunteer team of professionals are military-affiliated!!

Our Partners

We bring together a mix of business professionals in a variety of industries with distinct backgrounds in order totackle the financial stresses experienced by our student partners and to support local economies.

Beginning in Hampton Roads Virginia, we leveraged existing relationships at the Hampton Roads and Virginia Peninsula Chambers of Commerce. Colleges, universities, and trade schools in the region already involved in the military community through the Chambers joined forces with local businesses and workforce development efforts such as the V3 program and the Veteran Employment Center of Norfolk to form the MHA Gap Initiative working group.

We understand and value the power of offering a wide assortment of paid working options for our student partners. Not every student needs or is looking for a traditional internship or for a two-week paid marketing project. That is why we are constantly on the lookout for new partnerships in growing and expanding industries with large and small organizations. Sign up for one of our upcoming events to learn more!

We understand and value the power of flexibility when it comes to the needs of our business partners as well. Not every organization is able to or is interested in offering traditional internships. For small businesses, the Initiative can connect you to students primed to take on your short term project. Or maybe you're interested in starting an internship but not sure where to begin - we can help with that, too! Contact us to learn more!

Our Founder

As a Navy veteran, military spouse, mom, and Air Force brat,Becky Scheusner decided that her financial struggles through college didn't have to be the reality for other military-affiliated students. After graduating from Brown University in 2018 with a BA in Urban Studies, Becky volunteered as a Lead for the U.S. Chamber Military Spouse Professional Network, helping the Hampton Roads Network earn the award for Network of the Year for 2020. Finding practical solutions to problems experienced by our military community is a primary goal for Becky and the MHA Gap Initiative is the best example of her active work toward that goal.

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Student/Business Services

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What We Do

At the Initiative, we are proud to offer services to both our student and business partners. The best part? ALL OF OUR SERVICES ARE FREE!

For students, we hold events throughout the calendar year where you can ask questions to industry leaders about current, paid opportunities available to you within their organizations. Not ready to jump in? We also offer individual coaching! You'll be paired with one of our expert volunteers with direct knowledge in the industry of your choosing.

For businesses of every size, we help you think outside of the box when it comes to bringing military-affiliated students on board. Employing military-affiliated students, even on a temporary basis when they're on an academic break, can yield numerousbenefits for your organization.

What sets a military-affiliated student apart?

  • A majority have prior work experience and many in supervisory roles - We're not talking about your average student!
  • Organizational Loyalty Leads to Long Term Employment - Once thestudent gets their foot in the door with a good company, they tend to stick with that organization.
  • Honed problem solving skills - The military-affiliated community faces many challenges and they bring those skills built through adversity to the workplace.

If you're interested in building a pipeline of dedicated employees, we're here to help! Want to start an internship program or just need someone for a couple weeks for a marketing project? We can help with that, too!

Check out our latest news about our Summer 2022 Hiring Targets!

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Upcoming Employer Panelist Events

We are currently working toward in-person/hybrid events -

building a team of business partners and locating venues.


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Student Registration and Coaching

Fill out this 4+ question questionnaire and connect with one of our expert volunteers in an industry of your choosing.

Business Interest

No matter the size of your business/organization, we're here to help you build an approach to hiring military-affiliated students that suits your needs. Reach out directly to Becky Scheusner, our program director, to learn more.


Linkedin: Becky Scheusner

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